Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Veterinary Medicine: It's a people business Part 1

Hope everyone had a great week last week. As you can see, I took a week off blogging and instead spent time hanging out at the Ashtabula County Fair. I love fair week. I love checking out all the 4-H animals and talking with all the people I know. Of course there is the manditory visit to the DairyBooth for ice cream and spending the entire day on Sunday at the tractor and truck pull. Although I didn't buy a ticket, Keith Anderson sounded great Saturday night and by the sounds of all the girls screaming, he must have put on a heck of a show.

Now back to the happenings at Country Doctor. I want to steer away from medical topics for a bit and take some time to thank some very special people who make working at Country Doctor an awesome job. This will be part 1 so stayed tuned for more.

About a week or two ago, I was hanging out in the X-ray room when Doc Curie came walking in. He stopped and said "You know, we have the best clients in the world". Well, he is absolutely right on. Country Doctor does have the best clients. I talk about this all the time with people I know. There is a misconception out there that veterinary medicine is an animal business. Surely animals are part of the job, but I've never known one animal that came walking through the front door without a human attached to it. Students who aspire to work with animals because they love the animals, but don't like working with people are bound to be extremely disappointed if they choose veterinary medicine as a career. But for someone who loves animals AND loves people, veterinary medicine is perfect.

The people who walk through our front door are not just any people. They are special. They are animal lovers. They care. I don't care if it's the owner of a dog or cat that sleeps in bed with them or the farmer that raises livestock or the hunter that owns a working dog to help chase that coon or that rabbit or retrieve a duck. Every single one of these people has a deep seated respect for life and it shows in the way they care for their animals. Being able to come to work every day and meet people who really care about their animals is a true blessing.

So thank you to all the clients that come to Country Doctor. You make coming to work fun!

Thanks to everyone who sends me pictures of their pets. Here's a couple I particularily thought were classic dog. Timex, a normally very shiny black dog, comes home after a day out mud wrestling. Then a picture of Timex all cleaned up and taking a snooze. I love it!

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