Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you need any other reason than THIS to get your dog spayed?

Here is an interesting case from last week. Young female dog in her first heat cycle.

Nice, huh? This is called vaginal hyperplasia or more properly vaginal edema. This happens in some female dogs when they come into heat and the wall of the vagina swells and then sticks out through the vulva opening. As long as the owner keeps the dog from chewing on the exposed vagina and keeps the exposed tissue clean and moist, this will shrink back to normal when the female dog goes out of heat. Occasionally some females need surgery to remove this excess tissue. When a female dog has this happen once, it will likely happen the next heat cycle.

If you are not going to breed, get your female dogs spayed! It prevents so many problems.


  1. I've seen this on some rescue dogs, but had no idea what it was! I thought it was an infection, just never looked into it because they were not my rescues. Wow! Very informative blog!

  2. Yeah, pretty impressive eh? Dr.Di.

  3. Makes me thankful that I just had my puppy spayed! Thank you for getting this info out there. The picture speaks volumes!