Friday, December 24, 2010

Second Annual 'Sleep in Heavenly Peace'

I mentioned that I would post a blog with new information about Lyme Disease sometime in the month of December.  Well I wrote up the article on Lyme disease for our clinic newsletter that will be out in January.  And I will post the article here too, but really, it is the day before Christmas and who wants to think about Lyme Disease.  Not me. 

Last night, I walked outside to unload some bags of cat food from my car when I noticed the mass of furry critters in the dog kennel on our porch.  We have 8 barn cats that live on our farm.  They are some what of a rag tag bunch of cats with various minor problems, but they are all neutered, vaccinated, wormed, treated with flea and heartworm prevention and VERY well fed.  We actually laugh because the group has split into two.  Three cats who really spend all their time on our front porch and the other five that spend most of their time in the barn.  For some reason this year, 2 of the "barn" cats have abandon ranks and joined the "porch" cat group.  I am used to seeing 3 cats curled up together in the dog kennel on the porch, but last night I had 5 sets of eyes staring back at me.  I think the youngest cat in the bunch is 7 or 8 years old.  So interesting to me to see older adult cats sleep like this.  I'm sure they like the warmth in the colder weather.

The cats sleeping together made me once again think about how peaceful animals look when they are sleeping.  The beagles are once again curled up beside the computer desk and they too have a look of total peacefulness.  A good thought to have because after all this is the season of Peace.  What a good time to step back and have a peaceful moment to reflect on all our blessings.  I for one feel totally blessed to have animals a part of my life.  May each and every one of us have a Merry Chritmas or a blessed holiday season in whatever way we choose to celebrate. 


  1. They all look so happy together! I volunteer at several feral cat clinics and one time, we had a small crate dropped off with 5 large cats in it, they were all cuddled up and laying on top of each other, so cute!

  2. Yes it is a blessing to have love and compassion for animals. I have always felt the more love we feel the more we can accept and love others in this world. Loving animals is a great start to building that.

    I just wonder how to cope with all the animal suffering that is so easily seen now with the internet connecting us to much information.
    I have a hard time with the suffering, it affects me and can depress me.